Dick Taylor Vanilla Raspberry 72%

$10.49 USD

Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor have always loved crafting. With a background in woodworking and boat building, they have always worked with their hands. Craft is a guiding principle in their lives. After hearing about the craft chocolate movement in the late '00s, they saw similarities in woodworking and craft chocolate making. They became fascinated with the idea of the chocolate experience and in 2010 bought their first chocolate-making equipment. Their chocolate captures and highlights the subtle flavour nuances in the cacao they source from around the world, with the goal to make an enjoyable chocolate experience for us.

Using their 2018 Good Food Award-winning 73% Northerner Blend (Madagascan & Brazilian cacao) dark chocolate they've dusted it with a mix of organic freeze-dried raspberries and organic vanilla coconut palm sugar to make a delightful berry bar for Valentine's Day.

Tasting notes: Fruity & Bright

Weight: 57g

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